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Regarding Insurance Coverage:

SHAPE Center is a PPO provider, meaning that our professional services qualify for reimbursement under most insurance plans. While we do not participate directly with any insurance company, many plans allow you to apply for reimbursement using the billing statements we give you at each session. With your written permission, we can also provide your insurance company with any additional information needed to process your claim.

To learn how much your unique insurance plan will reimburse you for an appointment with an “out-of-network provider," please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask how much will be covered for the CPT Code (session code) that matches the type of appointment you are coming in for. Here is a script you can use:

“Hi there. I am calling to find out about the out-of-network benefits under my insurance policy. I would like to know how much I will be reimbursed for the following CPT code (session code): __________ [find the code below that matches the service you are seeking]. I am also wondering what my plan's annual deductible is, and have I met it yet? Thank you."

Initial Assessment: 90791 (“Biopsychosocial Assessment”)

Individual Therapy: 90834 (“Individual Psychotherapy")

Couples Therapy: 90847 (“Family Psychotherapy")

Additionally, it is a good idea to find out what your unique plan's deductible is, and if you have yet met it this year. Regardless of whether you meet with an in-network or out-of-network provider, you will be paying your deductible out of pocket until that amount is reached.

It is also recommended to get this information prior to our complimentary consultation so you know what out-of-pocket costs you can expect. We are also glad to discuss this more at length when we meet.

Finally, this is a reminder that if you are self-employed, your superbills can be saved and used towards itemized healthcare deductions in the next tax year.

App to get you quickly and painlessly reimbursed: BETTER is an app that ensures a smooth process of getting you reimbursed for your out-of-network health insurance benefits. It takes about five minutes to complete your one-time profile (just snap a picture of your insurance card and input your basic info). After that, you forward the superbill you receive each month from SHAPE Center to BETTER, and they handle the rest of your reimbursement process to get you more money back, and faster. BETTER charges 10% of what they earn for you, so they only get paid if you get paid.

They do all the legwork for you–no more paperwork, no more follow-up calls, how great is that? Click here to get started with BETTER.

Reduced Fee Psychotherapy:

At SHAPE Center, we care about making psychotherapy as accessible as possible. We offer a few designated low-fee spots based on financial need or lack of insurance coverage. These scholarship spots are offered in six-month increments, at the end of which you have the option to be considered for an extension. Decisions are based on the degree of need and current availability.

Please contact the SHAPE Center to be considered for one of these spots. If we are unable to accommodate you at the time you reach out, we will offer you the option to either be waitlisted until a spot becomes available or provide you with immediate referrals to other therapists.


We use a secure online portal to send you a questionnaire and documents for you to sign in preparation for your session.

Your appointment will need to be canceled and rescheduled if your paperwork is not completed at least 12 hours in advance of your appointment time.

We have a strict paperwork policy to ensure that your therapist is prepared for your appointment and that your time together is as useful, and focused as possible.

Rates for Dr. Shannon Chavez

  • $375Initial Assessment Therapy 80-minute session
  • $325Individual Therapy
  • $350Couples Therapy
  • $300Online Coaching 60-minute session
  • $400Online Coaching 90-minute session
  • (contact our office)Concierge Treatment Programs

Rates for Vince Lombardi, LMFT

  • $180Individual Therapy
  • $200Couples Therapy

Rates for Renee Olstead, AMFT

  • $150Individual Therapy
  • $180Couples Therapy

Rates for Dr. Alix Agar

  • $180Individual Therapy
  • $200Couples Therapy
  • $180Online Coaching 60-minute session

SHAPE Center Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

We are dedicated to helping people overcome sexual concerns and break free from the stigmas surrounding sex.