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About SHAPE Center

SHAPE Center is dedicated to helping people overcome sexual concerns and break free from the stigmas surrounding sex. Dr. Chavez and her team of clinicians provide a sex-positive practice that focuses on the importance of sexual health in overall health and wellness.

Our services are conducted online using a secure video platform. SHAPE Center also carries a select range of sexual wellness products for all curiosities, interests, kinks, and body diversity.

Our practice is a judgment-free zone to explore your inner sexuality and improve your relationship with pleasure and sex. We also focus on helping improve skills and coping strategies with everyday stressors, professional lives, social and romantic relationships, and family dynamics. Find out more about our specialties and backgrounds here.

Our mission at SHAPE Center is to break down the taboos around sexuality and help people become more sexually empowered.

SHAPE Center uses a mind-body approach to sexual health and wellness. It is important to use an integrated approach to understand the roles of both mind and body in sexual functioning. Medical doctors and therapists that do not specialize in sexuality are often limited in their ability to assess and treat sexual concerns. And many people are searching for that “magic pill” or “quick fix” to make all their issues vanish. The trouble with that approach is that sexual concerns are not just a physical or medical issue; there are emotional, mental, and psychological components as well. It is a part of your being, it affects your whole well-being, and it deserves more than just a band aid solution.

At SHAPE Center, we take into account ALL factors that affect a client’s sexual health, including beliefs and values around sex, relationships, and pleasure. We explore and validate cultural, spiritual, and religious experiences while providing education around sex and intimacy and providing a shame and judgment-free assessment and treatment process that is collaborative and solution-focused. 

Together with your therapist, you will explore values and beliefs regarding sexuality, learn about sexual anatomy and the science of sex, and develop behavioral exercises to enhance experiences of pleasure.

SHAPE Center Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

We are dedicated to helping people overcome sexual concerns and break free from the stigmas surrounding sex.